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WORKSHOP 1: The neuroscience of resilience: How to refuel our brains for ongoing volatility 

In an uncertain and constantly changing world, how do we ensure our workforces have the emotional agility needed to sustain the myriad of challenges and opportunities we face? Drawing on insights from scientific fields like neuroscience and positive psychology, explore some of the practical, evidence-based tools we can apply in the workplace to fuel our brains and lift engagement.

Tegan Davies

General Manager, The Oranges Toolkit

WORKSHOP 2: Welcome to the Era of Borderless Talent

Pre-pandemic, companies blindly accepted the notion that location incubates talent, and that you could only perform at the highest level if you showed up at the office every day. Today and going forward, a paradigm shift about the nature of work – how it gets done, where it gets done, and who gets it done – has moved society into the era of global remote teams in one of the most sudden, profound social shifts of all time. Borders are no longer boundaries when it comes to hiring top international talent. That also means that your hiring strategy should change, too. The future is here: a future where borders won’t be obstacles to growth and your talent pool will no longer be limited to a 50-mile radius of your office.

  • Charles Hamilton Ferguson
    Charles Hamilton Ferguson

    General Manager, Asia Pacific

    Globalization Partners

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