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Leadership strategies to rebuild trust and resilience

As we continue to recover and rebuild, CHROs are rethinking the importance of trust. How can we rebuild trust and resilience with our workforces?  

  • Strategies to build physical, emotional, financial and ethical trust
  • Re-engaging employees with your vision and mission
  • Rebuilding organisation and team culture post COVID-19
Kathryn van der Merwe

Group Executive Talent and Culture, ANZ

9:45 am

From survive to thrive: How HR can navigate the post-COVID-19 world

The global pandemic has changed how businesses operate – perhaps forever. As HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand look to the future, it’s also important to take stock: what did we learn from the experiences of 2020 and what can we do better? In this session, discover:

  • Why it’s critical to continue to learn from the HR community and be brave about experimenting with new ways of leading and working
  • The knowledge and skills that HR will need to succeed in uncharted waters, including metrics & analytics, agile thinking, negotiation, and business acumen
  • New focus areas: creating a ‘new’ employee experience, building relationships, and enhancing the EQ of our leaders
Monica Watt

Chief Human Resources Officer, ELMO

10:15 am
10:20 am

PANEL: The CHRO’s role in mental health and employee wellbeing strategies

Hear from our panellists about the powerful role that the CHRO can play in driving and leading evidence-based workplace mental health strategies.

  • Strategic and evidence-based approaches to staff wellbeing 
  • How to help employees to manage their anxiety
  • Practical case studies of successful mental health campaigns
  • The role of the c-suite in driving mental health campaigns
  • Executive mental health: how CHROs can support the CEO and executive team
  • Remote approaches to wellbeing such as apps, webinars and support forums


Dr Nick Taylor

Co-Founder and CEO, Unmind


David Burroughs

Chief Mental Health Officer, Westpac

Kate Mason

Group Director, People & Culture, Coca-Cola Amatil

Nicole Reid

Chief People Officer, Xero

11:05 am

WORKSHOP: The neuroscience of resilience: How to refuel our brains for ongoing volatility 

In an uncertain and constantly changing world, how do we ensure our workforces have the emotional agility needed to sustain the myriad of challenges and opportunities we face? Drawing on insights from scientific fields like neuroscience and positive psychology, explore some of the practical, evidence-based tools we can apply in the workplace to fuel our brains and lift engagement.

Tegan Davies

General Manager, The Oranges Toolkit

11:25 am
11:30 am

WORKSHOP: Welcome to the Era of Borderless Talent

Pre-pandemic, companies blindly accepted the notion that location incubates talent, and that you could only perform at the highest level if you showed up at the office every day. Today and going forward, a paradigm shift about the nature of work – how it gets done, where it gets done, and who gets it done – has moved society into the era of global remote teams in one of the most sudden, profound social shifts of all time. Borders are no longer boundaries when it comes to hiring top international talent. That also means that your hiring strategy should change, too. The future is here: a future where borders won’t be obstacles to growth and your talent pool will no longer be limited to a 50-mile radius of your office.

Charles Hamilton Ferguson

General Manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners

11:50 am

Leadership for a digital workforce

Understand the journey of building strong teams whilst scaling at speed, plus a sneak peek inside one of Australia's most successful and fastest growing tech companies in the world.

  • Leading a growing diverse and global workforce
  • See inside one of Australia’s most successful digital workplaces
  • How to leverage technology and employee benefits to keep your workforce engaged
Katie Dunne

Human Resources, TikTok

12:20 pm
12:25 pm

PANEL: Redesigning performance management for the next ‘new normal’

During COVID, some companies cancelled their review cycles, while others continued with legacy systems. What approach should we be taking in this new normal?

  • Successful programs for assessing and measuring remote workforce
  • Recalibrating KPIs to reflect a world that is more flexible
  • How to make performance goals fair and meaningful in this chaotic, ever-changing, uncertain environment
  • Recognising and rewarding stars who are shouldering an extra-heavy workload
  • Ongoing coaching conversations that establish a rhythm of collaboration
  • How should we think about bonus pay and incentives in this ‘new normal’?


Sophia Bernard

Chief Human Resources Officer, Audi Australia


Rebecca Heredia

Director, Human Resources, Comcast NBCUniversal

Selena Turner

Executive Director, Talent, Communication and Leadership, Queensland Treasury Corporation

Dean Summlar

Vice President HR - Pacific Zone, Schneider Electric

Dr Kristina Dorniak-Wall

Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp

1:40 pm

“Harsh, unjust or unreasonable” – navigating recent trends and case law in the unfair dismissal jurisdiction

With the sharp rise in disputes in the post-covid world and an increased focus on cost savings, knowing how to minimise the risks associated with dismissals is more important than ever. In this seminar, Hannah and Alina will explore recent lessons and trends from the Fair Work Commission and specifically examine:

• When will performance and/or conduct issues be “enough” to dismiss an employee?
• How to avoid being caught out with genuine redundancies
• Procedural fairness in a post-covid world
• How to deal with difficult employees in the dismissal process
• Strategies in mitigating and defending unfair dismissal claims
• What to watch – future “hotspots” for employers

Hannah Ellis

Managing Partner, The Workplace Lawyers

Alina Kaye

Special Counsel, The Workplace Lawyers

2:30 pm

PANEL: HR strategies to build flexibility, adaptability, and agility

An agile workforce enables organisations to respond to external market shifts. In this panel, we will hear from organisations who have embraced agility as part of their day-to-day operations.

  • Reallocating people quickly to where their skills are needed
  • Re-shaping organisational structures to become more agile, leaner and more efficient
  • Helping your workforce to do more without burning out
  • Managing your workforce when the future is unclear
  • Linking employee goals to business priorities while maintaining a strong element of flexibility
  • Updating global workforce remobilisation strategies


Colin Murphy

Regional Corporate Manager, SIRVA


Zemeel Saba

Executive General Manager of People and Culture, genU

Keryn Mendes

Global HR Mobility Lead & SWITCH Program Manager, CSIRO

Natalie Britt

Director of Human Resources, International Convention Centre Sydney

Lincoln Turvey

General Manager Business Transformation, Virgin Australia

3:20 pm

The future of HR – reimagined

In the final talk of the day, we will consider the future of the workplace and what role HR might play in helping to reshape and redefine the purpose of the workplace.

  • Reimagining business as usual – what does the future hold?
  • How will new tech like AR and VR transform your employee and customer experiences?
  • What new roles will evolve over the next 10 years?
Liam Hayes

Global Chief People Officer, Aurecon

3:50 pm
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